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Breaking Ground 2017!

Today, we broke ground on new 11 new hotel rooms, 5 bungalows, new spa facility and another large pool!

Thanks to all our wonderful customers, we were sold out almost every weekend from Mar till Oct this year and turned away so many guests! We felt obligated to add more rooms so everyone can Enjoy the Lush Life!

PK Architect Mike Barnes drew up our master plan this summer. PK Contractor Bret Jordan started construction to make the plan reality by Summer 2018!

The new Hotel rooms will be 360 square feet with porches overlooking our new large pool that will wind down the middle of the property. Don't worry, you are just steps away from the Lake!

The new Bungalows will be 600 square feet with a king master bedroom, bunk room and living room with courtyard opening out to the new pool. Perfect for families!

Our new Spa facility will have 2 treatment rooms, hot tub and zen garden.

This expansion will eliminate 10 RV sites so book early if you want a spot or book a room instead!

Construction Area will be in the existing parking lot/RV park behind the existing suite hotel building through RV site 8 (where our property narrows). Our contractors are aware that we will remain OPEN during construction and will be considerate to limit the disturbance to our guests. There will be NO construction on the Lakefront!

Spring Break - business as usual with a little dust in the parking lot! Our suites, RV sites, bar and grill will be open daily during Spring Break and the lakefront pool will be heated, weather permitting, starting March 1! Plus, Bo and Clay will open a Boat Rental business on Lush Dock in March!

I will be posting frequent updates to this blog. Thanks for all your support!

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