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Time for the Dry Line!

The weather has just been nasty over the past month, but we have been rocking along while the thunder sleet and pouring rain rolled - bungalows were roughed-in, roofed, sided, and sheetrocked, the bar & grill floor was sealed, and hotel slab was poured!

Last week, the sun finally came out and hotel framing began!

Working hard despite the storm brewing in the background!

Framers stood up first floor and started on second floor before the weekend!

Despite the muddy mess leftover from the nasty weather, we had a great turn out for our After PK Mardi Gras Parade last Saturday! Didn't the boys put together a great float for us!

Two days into this week and we already have a third floor! Hotel should be all framed up just in time for Spring Break! Plus the Bungalows are getting painted this week...I could use your help praying for sun!

After Spring Break, we will start digging the new pools!! Click here to check out latest site plan

Lush Lakefront Suites, Bar & Grill are OPEN for business daily for Spring Break and Pool will be heated all week! There is no construction on our lakefront so please come enjoy the Lush Life and check out our progress!!

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