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Zen Box

Zen: a state of calm attentiveness in which one's actions are guided by intuition rather than by conscious effort

With so much stress and negativity attacking you, don't you deserve some Zen?

The first time I experienced the Zen Box was in 2018 at the Center for the Healing Arts where I get acupuncture from Kim - who is amazing!! Although I was a bit skeptical of it, I figured I could use 4 hours of meditation and relaxation. I laid down on the comfortable and roomy bed, she closed the doors, started some music, turned down the lights and left me for my hour nap. The music was soothing, vibrating the bed ever so gently to aid me into relaxation. After each session, I found myself in Zen. There is not a better word to describe it, which is why I call the "Life Vessel" my Zen Box!

About 2 weeks after my 4 sessions, I awoke in the middle of the night, went to my computer and did some financial analysis. You may not know that during Lush Resort's first 4 years I maintained an office in Fort Worth and went there weekly to try to get a week's worth of work done in a day! My 4 sessions of Zen lifted my fog of stress allowing me to focus and giving me clarity. I decided to close my office to save the overhead and my commute as well as give my employee an opportunity to join an office where she could grow professionally.

Bo's first Zen - to say he was skeptical is beyond an understatement! However, he was struggling with PTSD and nightmares after reviving a four year old girl who almost drowned in our pool. Her family had just checked-in for their family reunion and a gate had been propped open while they were unloading. Her parents thought her grandmother had her and vice versus. Everyone was so excited to see each other, but a storm was brewing and there was no one at the pool . We heard what we thought was the wind squealing and luckily checked the pool to find her grandmother screaming. Bo rushed to revive the little girl and thank God he was successful. It was a traumatic miracle. After Bo's 4 sessions, his nightmares ceased and he finally found calming peace. Anytime his stress peaks, he knows he can find relief in the Zen Box.


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