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What a Difference a Week Makes

3:30am Saturday morning Jan 20th, concrete guys arrived to pour the foundation on the first bungalow.

Sunday morning the framers were here in full-force standing up the first bungalow!

Monday 3:30am concrete guys were back to pour the other 3 bungalow foundations and framers continued to work on first bungalow.

Twofer Tuesday! Stood up 2nd bungalow!

Wednesday finished walling up 2nd bungalow...

AND started framing up the 3rd bungalow!

Thursday 3 little bungalows...

By Friday, all 4 bungalows have been framed! These framers are amazing!

Saturday morning, they finished up and headed home before noon for a much needed break!

During the same time, Bo and Skinny have made much progress with Andrew's new kitchen! Don't miss Lush's After-Parade Party Saturday March 3rd from 3-6pm with DJ Donny, heated pool and the premiere of Chef Andrew's new menu!

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