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PK Yoga Hike

Hi y'all out in 'God's Country'! As I was surfing through images of PK I could not help but reminisce on the book, Goodbye To A River by John Graves. It will forever tie me to distant but wonderful memories I spent canoeing down the Brazos or fishing at PK, pickin' and grinnin', water skiing, honky tonking or just hanging out with good friends and a dear man who was called 'PK Picasso'. We would spend hours in the boat looking at the fading light as sunset hit the rock faces of the lake or the beauty of early morning sunrises; and marveling at the swallows nests and the coloring of limestone as it weathered from season to season. Then later, be enchanted to see it come to life on canvas. Perhaps some of you have some of Rick Steed's artwork adorning your homes now....(please share a picture with Gelasia to post on

Anyhow... this message is for all of you who have come out to practice yoga on the shores of this magnificent treasure of Palo Pinto County. Thank you for the opportunity to be back in the area and bringing yoga to your community! It is an honor to share the practice with you! If you have any questions or would like some postures or breath work to practice at home, please let me know.

The yoga hikes are a lot of fun and will continue once per month all year. And as the weather warms up, look for more Beach Yoga at Lush Resort and SUP (stand up paddle) Yoga, too. Check with Gelasia at Lush Resort and you'll receive updates from Circle Y, as well. The next two hikes will be 8 April and 13 May - click here to book now, select date. Each one is followed by a wonderful lunch and good company!

Another quick note, if you want to stay 'prepared', Sunday March 26th, there is another American Heart Association 'Heartsaver' CPR certification course at Circle Y Yoga Ranch. Please consider reinforcing this skill set, especially living in this rural area. There are still a few spaces available, so please register now.

Thank all of you again and thank you Bo and Gelasia for hosting these wellness events. See you all soon!

Peace, God's blessings & happy trails!


Circle Y Yoga Ranch

(817) 609-6454

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